This is a list of programs that have been and have yet to come.

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Star of the Sea

Among the many images and titles associated with the Virgin Mary, the metaphorical “Star of the Sea” is one of the oldest and most pervasive. This program explores works that pay homage to this moniker.

12.17.21 at 7:30pm


A holiday concert celebrating Advent, Annunciation, and Christmas Day. Works from Germany, Italy, Spain, and France.



Texts and Translations

The program will be live-streamed here:

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5.13.22 at 7:30pm

Springtime in Paris

Imagine yourself in the streets of Paris in the 14th century with this celebration of love, flowers, and warm weather! The singers of Scivias ensemble will present trouvère songs, secular motets, and complex polyphonic works of Machaut and his 14th century contemporaries.

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